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Bubbles Everywhere.  There's something wonderfully erotic about water.  It makes the skin slippery and smooth, and allows bodies to slide against each other with ease.  Surprise your lover with an extravagant bubble bath straight out of a dream.

  • Make sure that your bathroom is clean, and that you have a stack of soft, fluffy towels nearby.
  • Be extravagant with candles; place them all around the bathtub and the floor, and turn out the overhead lights.
  • Heap a glass bowl with bite-sized fruits - strawberries, cherries and grapes, for instance - and place a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket beside the bowl.
  • Place champagne glasses beside the bucket, and place sponges and bottles of scented lotion on the counter within reach of the tub.
  • As you run the tub, fill it with bubble bath scented with your lover's favorite fragrance.

Andrea's Hints for a Magical Bubble Bath...

Slowly undress each other in the candlelight, running your eyes over your partner's body with appreciation.  Help each other into the tub, and fill your hands with warm water, splashing it down the shoulders and back.  Pour a glass of champagne and feed each other pieces of fruit.  Let the water soothe and relax you.  Don't rush.  When you're ready to get out, dry each other off slowly.  You can figure out what to do from there...