Sex and the Kitchen is the personal website of San Francisco chef Andrea Froncillo. Andrea celebrates romance and cooking, encouraging you to slow down and enjoy lifes pleasures - from the foods and flavors that surround youto the lover you embrace.


Each month, we present a page full of special recipes and suggestions for romantic wining and dining. From an indulgent Valentine's Day dinner to a finger-licking crab feast, we've collected the past months here for you to read through at your leisure. Enjoy!

The temperature is rising; it’s time to get out of the house and play! There’s nothing more romantic than sharing a meal beneath the stars or toasting to your future while a cool grassy lawn tickles your legs.

We’ve got a bundle of suggestions for moving
romance into the great outdoors, so read on
and get to it!

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Some days, you’d rather roll over than roll out, especially if there’s a warm body snuggled up beside you. The next time you’re so lucky, make the most of the morning by making brunch together and gently easing in to the day. We’ve concocted a delicious menu for you, warm and tasty without being too complicated.

So bundle up in your fuzziest bathrobe and pull out the coffee grinder! Breakfast is “in” this morning…!
and get to it!

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Spring is almost here! Why not usher in the season with a romantic culinary adventure? Grab your umbrella and your sweetheart, and head out to the market for armfuls of tulips and daffodils, and all the fixings for a delicious meal.

We've created a whole menu for you, so read on and enjoy!

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Valentine's Day is just around the corner! What a sweet excuse to whip up an indulgent feast for the object of your affection... playing Cupid is the most delicious kind of fun: devise an extravagant meal, or pour all of your creative powers into decadent desert that will make you both swoon with delight...

Our Valentine to you is a page packed full of recipes, hints and tips, so read every word, and then sharpen those arrows...!

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We know: your holiday calendar is already packed with parties and shopping trips and dinner reservations, but have you penciled in a quiet evening with your sweetheart? An intimate celebration for two is the prefect antidote to the insanity of the season, so consider spending an evening in for a change.

We've prepared a decadent yet simple menu for you, so go ahead: turn off the cell phone... slip into something suggestive... and get cooking!

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