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In this pictorial guide, you'll learn how to make burrata, a delicious Italian cheese that is incredibly rich, soft, and delicious.


We recommend that you make this with someone special - go ahead, get your hands all wet and messy. It's the feeling that makes it fun!

1. Remove curd from whey, slice off a one pound piece. 2. Cut or shave curd into small pieces. 3. Heat 1 1/2 gallons of heavily salted water to 160 degress. 4. Pour or ladle water over curd. Stir slowly.
5. Gather curd together into one glob. Slowly lift from water. Stretch and fold; Repeat 2-3x. 6. Form cheese into two balls. Place one ball on flat board. Gently pat into a flat 5-inch square. 7. With a knife, divide square into four equal pieces. Place a scoop of filling in the center of each piece. 8. Working quickly, fold sides of each piece around the cheese to make a pouch.

Serve with fresh basil oil and cherry tomato & basil salad.