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What could be better on these cool, bright days than a savory, finger-licking crab feast? 'tis the season for these tasty crustaceans here in San Francisco, and we've been inspired to use them in all kinds of delectable dishes.

How is crab romantic, you ask?

Oh! Let us count the ways...

Our local favorite, Dungeness Crab, is the color of a rosy, flushed cheek and the meat inside is tender and creamy and sweet. We can't imagine a more sensual ingredient to cook with. If you live on the East Coast, you might be more inclined to use blue crabs or some other variety, but whatever you choose - make sure they're the best and freshest ones around.

Finding the crab makes a fun date - take a trip to Chinatown or your local seafood market to pick out the biggest, crabbiest specimen you can find, then hurry home and get started! Oh, and don't forget the flowers while you're out...

Here are three delectable recipes that you can try right away.


1. Roasted crab or crab legs
Whole crab is irresistible - beautiful, dramatic and oh-so-yummy. It's simple to prepare, and great fun to eat, or even better, to feed each other!



2. Open faced Crab Ravioli with Diced Mango
For a more elegant take on crab, try this stunning ravioli. Though the combination of flavors might seem surprising, the sweetness of the mango is a perfect accompaniment to the tender crab meat.


3. Crab Salad with Citrus Buerre Blanc
This salad makes use of chilled fresh crab meat, which you can buy in most seafood markets and grocery stores. Delicious for an al-fresco meal on the patio, or as a starter to a larger meal.

Delicious food is only one aspect of a sensual dining experience. Create a flirtatious mood by incorporating music, flowers and special extras to ensure that you both have fun. Giggle! Be silly! Enjoy yourselves... and each other.

Here are a few extra hints to make it easier:

Tips for Sensual Dining

  • If at all possible, feed each other. With a little attitude and lot of eye contact, you'll have more fun than you can imagine!
  • Don't forget presentation. Sprinkle flower petals or pieces of fresh fruits on your serving dishes. The details make all the difference.
  • Seafood can be messy, so place a shallow dish with water and a slice of lemon next to each plate. Sprinkle the top with carnation petals and dip in as needed during your feast...
  • After the meal, roll up two moistened hand towels and stick them in the microwave for 20 seconds. Unroll one and slowly wash your companion's hands. Give the treatment you like to get: you're next!

Tips for Sensual Dining

Wine: we like a buttery Chardonnay or a light Pinot Noir, both of which will compliment the delicate flavor of the crab. Stay away from the heavy reds like Cabernet and Merlot, and steer clear from the overly sweet whites like Pinot Grigo.

On the side: nothing pairs with hot crab better than a baguette of crusty sourdough bread. Make extra dipping sauce so that you can dunk both at the same time. We also like simple steamed veggies alongside the crab -
a bundle of tender asparagus, for instance - or a dish of buttered baby carrots. Simplicity and nuance is the key.

Still hungry? Try a simple dessert of fresh fruit with whipped cream, or a light panna cotta or flan. Citrusy notes are a nice way to end a crab meal - a slice of silky, mouth-puckering lemon meringue pie, anyone?

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